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Special courses​

Let’s learn Italian with the recipes of Italian cuisine!


Duration: 4 hours


Let's learn Italian with the recipes of italian cuisine.

In this lesson you’ll have the opportunity to improve your Italian by reading italian recipes and of course cooking with us!. This workshop lasts about 4 hours. At  the end of the lesson we’ll prepare some plates and have dinner at school.


Please note!

This course is organized for 3 students maximum. To take part you should own at least a basic level of Italian.


Course of Neapolitan Art History (on request)


Duration: 16 hours


It is a course lasting two weeks, for a total duration of 16 hours. Pictures about art sights such as Capodimonte, the National Archaeological Museum, Pompeii, the Sansevero Chapel, etc. become an opportunity to learn about the art and Neapolitan culture while improving your language skills. The course fee includes a guided tour.


Please note!


This course can be individual or 2 students maximum. Students should have a knowledge of Italian at least B1 level (intermidiate).


Included in the course:


-          Presentation of images and videos about Neapolitan Art

-          Specific teaching resources

-          Tour to a neapolitan museum with a teacher.

-         Two tickets to get to the museum


IItalian Literature Course


Duration: 20 hours


This course is recommended for university students, teachers of Italian LS and enthusiasts. It lasts 2 weeks for a total of 20 hours in the evenings.          


Please note!

This course is  for 3 students maximum. To take part you should have a knowledge of the Italian language at least  B1 level (intermidiate).

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