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Why to come to Naples?

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Naples is the largest city in South Italy.

Founded by the Greeks in the eighth century BC, suffered various dominations until it became, capital of the Kingdom of Naples and, afterwards, capital of the Reign of Two Sicilies under the dynasty of the Bourbons. Despite its contradictions, Naples is indeed famous for its centuries-old culture and an incredible artistic heritage, including museums, art galleries, ancient churches and monuments of the highest quality. The town is within walking distance of the major archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum which represent one of the rare examples in the world of ancient cities remained intact through the centuries.

Naples offers, however, much more to tourists, hence in fact, the beach lovers will have easy access by ferries and hydrofoils to the famous islands of Ischia and Capri or even visit the magnificent centers and beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

Numerous markets and boutiques allow to shop in different areas of the city according to your liking and different budgets.

The city also stands out for its unique culinary tradition that offers food lovers a wide repertoire of traditional national dishes and local cuisine, including the famous pizza and espresso coffee.


Culture and traditions

San Gregorio Armeno, Italianopoli

Naples has its own culture, difficult to understand at first glance. The mild climate, the sea and the sun which shines most of the year, has made the character of its people open and sociable. The dominations of foreign people, which occurred over the centuries, has helped to make the city a true melting pot of cultures and creativity. It is no coincidence that in Naples great directors, actors and artists were born, and also that here was built in 1737 the Teatro San Carlo, one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

Next to the great artistic tradition, we should finally remember the craft excellence represented by the exposure of the cribs at San Gregorio Armeno and the rich sartorial production.

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